In the 1960s, photographer Ed Ruscha became famous for his work with typologies. Ruscha published multiple books each dedicated to a single subject, the most famous of which include swimming pools, gasoline stations, and buildings on the Sunset Strip. In photography, typologies can be an opportunity for the photographer to seek and draw attention to a particular subject. For the viewer, it’s an opportunity to compare and contrast the qualities of a particular thing—a method for better understanding the photographer’s chosen subject.

Building on that theme, Deux is a collaborative exhibition that seeks to explore the phenomenon of naturally and artificially occurring twos. Of interest to us are things that come in pairs or doubles, and the context in which they occur. We are especially interested in documenting the mundane and ordinary details of everyday life found on the city streets of Idaho. On a formal level, this project is a visual exercise intended to facilitate active looking and engagement with our surroundings. We are seeking to document and explore how, if, and when things come in twos–the results are surprising, and the effect profound.

Deux was presented at Initial Point Gallery during the month of September 2016, in collaboration with the Pinxit Collective, with support from the Idaho Commission on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.